Residential Mortgage Foreclosure in Orlando and throughout Central Florida

For many people, their home is the most significant financial investment they will make during their lifetime.

When you are on the brink of losing your home through a mortgage foreclosure, you need an attorney who will take swift and aggressive action to defend you.

Speak with an experienced Florida attorney at our firm today for a free consultation. 

Even if you have not paid your mortgage in several months there are often viable defenses to foreclosure lawsuits that may protect you and may keep you in your home for months and sometimes years while litigation is pending. At the same time, our attorneys will utilize their experience to help you find the best long-term solution for your circumstances.

Orlando Mortgage Foreclosure Defense

Our mortgage foreclosure lawyers will meet with you and review the many possible defenses and counterclaims to mortgage foreclosure; which include:

  • Lender Violations of Federal or Florida Law

  • Lender's Failure to make required disclosures prior to closing on the loan

  • Plaintiff has lost the Promissory Note or Mortgage

  • Plaintiff does not own the Promissory Note or Mortgage

  • Lender engaged in predatory lending practices

  • Fraud by the Lender

  • Breach of contract

At Allen & Dawson, we use our experience with the mortgage lending industry and understanding of the real estate market to help clients resolve mortgage foreclosure problems without the need to file bankruptcy.

Many home owners are finding that the protection afforded by bankruptcy is ineffective for preventing the loss of their home. At our Orlando law office, we use our resources and experience to assist clients on the verge of losing their home. We fight mortgage foreclosure and negotiate aggressively to help our clients get their lives back on track and protect their homes.

Extraordinary Service

If you are facing a Central Florida mortgage foreclosure, we will work diligently to get the best results for you.

We try to go above and beyond to provide the highest caliber legal work possible.
We will help you in negotiating with your mortgage lender and with their foreclosure lawyers.
We want you to believe that when you work with Allen & Dawson, you work with a small, focused firm that provides extraordinary service.

If you are in danger of foreclosure, legal action may be possible to help save your home. Take the time to find quality legal representation from a dedicated attorney.