Noncompete Agreements

ALLEN & DAWSON provides legal counsel and representation for employees and businesses in disputes and lawsuits resulting from non-compete agreements and protection of trade secrets.

From offices in Orlando, civil litigation Attorney Rasheed Karim Allen provides legal counsel and representation for clients in communities throughout central Florida. 

Litigation Risk Management Before The Signatures Go On The Agreement

If you are an employer considering the implementation of non-compete agreements on your employees, we can review the language and provisions of the draft to determine whether the agreement will stand up to the legal scrutiny of Florida courts. We will give you options for clarifying language that may prove ambiguous under the law, in the event you need to enforce the agreement at a later date.

If you are a business considering hiring an employee who has signed a non-compete agreement with a former employer, we will explain the provisions of the agreement and advise you of the potential for litigation, should the former company assert its rights.

If you are an employee being required to sign an agreement, make sure you know what you are signing before you put your name on the bottom of the page. We will explain the legal terminology and clearly explain what you will be held to in the event you seek employment at a competing business.

Dispute Resolution and Litigation

If you are already involved in a dispute about the enforcement of a non-compete agreement, call us for a free initial consultation to discuss the circumstances of your case. There are a lot of misconceptions about non-compete agreements. Many company managers think they are always enforceable. Many workers and competing businesses think they can't be held to the terms of the agreement. Neither is true. Non-compete agreements are contracts. Signatories are subject to rights and obligations under Florida tort and contract law, provided the agreement protects the rights of all parties.

Following a thorough review and a cost-benefit analysis of litigation, we help our clients analyze the cost-effectiveness of pursuing, defending or prosecuting a claim regarding enforcement of any part of a non-compete agreement. As our client, you will be armed with the information you need before making your decision.